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RapidShare is a free online storage service that lets you upload files to the web and share them with friends using direct download.

It works very simply, since all you need to do is select which files you want to share from their location on your hard disk and wait for the service to send you the link where the download is availabl, without even having to register.

It can prove to be a very practical solution when you have to send someone one or more files of considerable size, and it’s much more convenient than sending them as email attachments. However, above all, it can be very useful to be able to share any type of file on the Internet with anyone you choose.

The advantage of using a service like RapidShare is that, even when the file is located in their servers, only people you have enabled will be able to access the link to download it.

On RapidShare, two modes of use are available, free and Premium. In free mode there are certain limitations which are easy to work with for those who don’t expect to make extensive use of the service. For example, users on free accounts cannot upload files greater than 200 MB in size (though you can upload a number of files of this size); the speed of downloads is limited, and download links not used for 90 days will be cancelled.

These limitations don’t apply to Premium users, who at a quite reasonable cost can upload large files and, best of all, download without limits from any of the many pages with files for sharing via RapidShare.

Estas limitaciones no están presentes para los usuarios Premium, que por un precio no demasiado elevado pueden subir archivos de gran tamaño y, lo mejor de todo, descargar sin límites desde cualquiera de las muchas páginas en las que se comparten archivos vía RapidShare.